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From an economic point of view, software can essentially be regarded as 'intellectual work done in advance', i.e. as an investment, for business application software. For example, the program authors develop a solution method for the correct separation of all German words in a word processing program. Thus the intellectual work "correct separation of German words" is already done for all writers who work with this word processing program in advance, i.e. before this activity actually occurs.

The ability of computers to perform tasks shifted to them much faster and more reliably than humans have been able to do up to now is used here. Especially in software development, algorithms and code parts developed "in advance" - as parts of a program - are used intensively.

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A similar connection is seen in the sociology of work: Such software-based measures are suitable for considerably simplifying work contents and processes. The spectrum ranges from the provision of simple tools (such as for summing or averaging) to the complete redesign of processes (by concentrating previously separated workflows or by decomposing previously centralised workflows) - or even to their complete replacement by IT solutions.

With this in mind, we have compiled a selection of various tools for the efficient completion of your daily work.

Do you have further requirements? We are happy to search for the "right" software for you in the variety of available solutions

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