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For us, organic is a way of life, not just marketing!

We make sure that our products always come from organic and whenever possible from fair production.

We sell food (almost) exclusively in organic quality.

All of them are WITHOUT: artificially produced additives of any kind. This is of course and especially true for our main assortment the bread! It contains flour, water, salt and yeast (ok, in the butter plait there is of course also butter and some breads have grains in them). Nothing else, we promise

One of our passions is first-class food in organic and fair trade quality.

Discover our handcrafted breads from the wood stove and many special breads made in traditional craftsmanship with a lot of time and skill.

Many more organic or fair trade products await you in our specialist shop in Widnau or in our online shop.

How do you get our products?

Visit our specialist shop in Heerbrugg at the Am Markt centre. You are welcome to pre-order our products by phone or e-mail and pick them up in our shop.

You can also buy our products in our online shop and have them delivered to your home. Click on the logo opposite.

However, please understand that we do not like to ship our bread, even if it stays fresh for several days. That would make our hearts bleed.

We look forward to your visit!


Time flies.

This year we celebrate our 20th birthday.

How and where we don't know yet, it depends on the situation in the health sector.

We will find a way to celebrate this occasion in an appropriate way.


Brot & Comestible

Bahnhofstrasse 9, Am Markt

CH-9435 Heerbrugg

Tel: 071 722 59 56

The standards we rely on:


kbA (Controlled organic cultivation, CH guidelines) this guideline allows a small proportion of non-organic products where these are not available. e.g. sugar pictures on Appenzeller Biber.

Bio-Suisse (bud)
regenerative agriculture
EU Organic Regulation

Animal products
Bio-Suisse (Bud)

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