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Benchmarking or Pre-Audit

With a pre-audit we offer you the possibility to get a quick and non-binding overview of possible improvements. Test us and request a report on the following topics:

- Company Quick Check
- cost benchmarking
- CO2 Check
- digitization check

It is important that there is no loss in the quality of your work or the suppliers in all measures. We offer our benchmarkings for companies with 5 or more employees
(exceptions are listed)


Company Quick Check

The Comprehensive Check to the Potentials of Your Company

Your personal company analysis helps you to avoid company crises!
Over the years, companies have gone through various phases of more or less successful business development. Depending on which company results are achieved or which company goals (if any) are not achieved, one can distinguish between strategy crisis, earnings crisis and liquidity crisis. This distinction is of particular importance as the individual crisis phases occur one after the other in most cases.
Please do not hesitate to request the company quick check developed by us. If you return the completed form to us, we will offer you the opportunity for a brief in-depth analysis interview, free of charge and without obligation!


Digitization check

Do the digitization check for your corporate strategy and find suitable digitization partners for your projects - easily, quickly and transparently. We connect companies and manage the resulting digitization projects.

Cost benchmarking (for companies with approx. 100 employees or more or cost blocks from approx. CHF/Euro 30,000)

Our benchmark shows you the savings potential hidden in your purchasing costs. No savings potential remains hidden to our specialists. At the same time, we review your procurement processes and suggest appropriate improvement measures.

CO2 check

Find out how much CO2 your company produces and how you can reduce your ecological footprint without additional cost and quality losses.

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