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Climate protection, sustainability and new materials are the dominant drivers of the future

In addition, corporate relevance for the topic of corporate social responsibility has continuously gained in importance in recent years. Today, companies are not only expected to acknowledge their social responsibility: ecologically, economically and socially, but also to prove that they live up to it.

Important framework conditions such as climate neutrality, corporate and product carbon footprint, green deal, circular economy law, new supply chain law, to name just a few, have already been created by legislators.

Environmental management in companies worldwide is expanding into comprehensive sustainability management, taking into account the:

- 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
- Closed-loop capability of products

How can companies

   face changes and requirements in the best possible way?
   become climate neutral?
   develop recyclable product solutions?
   create a healthy, efficient and innovative environment for employees?
   simplify complexity and conserve resources?
   focus on sustainable management with success?
   meet social and societal requirements?

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