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Create meaningful and compliant Omnichannel experiences for your customers.

Takodax's flagship Genie platform is powered by enterprise engines under the hood. Overcome risk, governance and compliance challenges, automate process tasks, train machines to gain intelligence, securely track activities, and professionally present documents to internal and external audiences.


The Tadodax team has the knowledge, experience and track record your business can rely on.

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Enterprise content management solutions play an important role in organizing critical information, making CIOs an invaluable resource for archiving, searching and accessing the ever-growing wealth of information within the content an organization creates and receives.

Documents and records of all types, from emails to contracts and engineering plans, can be captured and sifted, and important details contained in vast amounts of information can now be found quickly and easily.

What is transpromotion?
Classic advertising flyer vs. innovative transpromotion

Companies use different marketing strategies to stand out positively from the competition. Advertising flyers are a traditional form of advertising. Flyers are an instrument we all know for advertising. They are used to draw the attention of existing and potential customers to products and services. Advertising flyers or flyers are separate advertisements that enclose transaction documents such as an invoice, bank statement, magazine, newspaper or other publication.

What is transpromo?

Nowadays, companies place their marketing messages directly on transaction documents. This type of marketing is called transpromotion or short transpspromo. This term refers to the use of sending e.g. invoices or account statements (so-called "transaction documents") to customers for further sales and advertising purposes. Advertising messages are not sent separately, but are printed on the remaining white areas of the transaction document itself (white space management). The word transpromo is composed of the terms "trans" from the word "transaction" and "promo" as an abbreviation of promotion. It enables a faster return on capital than its predecessors.

Transaction documents as a direct medium for customer communication

96% of customers open their transaction documents regularly, in contrast to direct advertising messages on flyers, which are read by only 26.3%. While opening an invoice, customers check the document carefully. Most recipients even check it several times. Unlike separate advertising flyers, which are usually thrown away unread, recipients are forced to read advertising messages if they are part of the transaction documents.

If a company creates several transaction documents per month, has a large number of customers and wants to control its advertising campaigns from A to Z, it is more efficient to use its own software to create transaction documents and add advertising messages that are linked to the company's own database.

Ecodocx has used 10+ years of successful industry experience to develop user-friendly and efficient software that enables companies to increase customer loyalty through targeted promotions and significantly increase sales.

Business Communications Center (BCC) is web-based software that helps companies transform transactional documents into highly professional, personalized marketing and communications tools without the need for IT support. This means that individual departments as well as entire large companies can use this product for automation and personalization of regular customer communication.
Your business benefits:

Easy to use
Thanks to its user-friendly design, this software can be used by authorized employees of different departments (e.g. marketing, human resources and legal departments).

Marketing can use targeted advertising campaigns to present relevant offerings to specific audiences, saving marketing costs and accelerating return on investment.

Thanks to the sophisticated user interface, personalized messages of different size, form and type can be added to specific transcription documents over different durations. Companies decide for themselves when and where their customers see which message.

Legal can use this solution to ensure that from a certain deadline, required parts are added to contracts so that your documents always meet the legal requirements that apply to your industry.

Transaction documents are opened by 95% of the recipients and read carefully several times. The combination of transaction documents and personalized messages therefore leads to the desired success much faster.


Unused apprenticeships in transaction documents are converted into a customer loyalty tool that increases the loyalty of existing customers.

If you've thought about strategies to increase customer loyalty and sales and reduce marketing costs in your organization, if you're looking for new and convenient marketing software, it's time to consider Business Communications Center. Request a consultation today to learn more about your opportunities and business benefits

Reduce your enterprise content management and storage costs by up to 97%.

One of the many challenges facing large enterprises today is the rapid growth of digital storage for forms, invoices, statements and other business documents. Ecodocx is a reliable developer and leading provider of customer communications management and enterprise content management solutions, reseller and integrator of Archive Optimizer software that helps customers reduce enterprise content management and storage costs by up to 97%.

Ecodocx helps companies worldwide to optimize their business processes. Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) - these are the main areas of work. Ecodocx was founded to help companies make the most of their investments. Ecodocx leverages its expertise and industry knowledge to deliver horizontal industry solutions of varying degrees of complexity, tailored to the needs of its customers. Ecodocx cooperates, helps and supports its customers even after all processes have been tested, all employees trained and all systems deployed.

Customer Communications Management


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    > Business Communications Center
    > Dynamic Business Documents
    > Enterprise Document Center
    > OpenText StreamServer
    > Adobe LiveCycle Production Print
    > OpenText EasyLink

Enterprise content management

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    > Archive Optimizer
    > OpenText Content Server
    > OpenText Archive Server


Meeting the Challenges of GDPR Compliance

Eclipse is known for DocOrgin, its smart communication solution. In today’s world being compliant to various governance rules, such as GDPR represents a challenge to all stakeholders in the industry in terms of cost, risk and remaining competitive.
Providing a document compliant monitoring module to existing customer ecosystems permits end users to identify their current gaps in being compliant to GDPR or other regulatory or legal demands. Taking a few days to set up the organization can benefit from an app highlighting its areas of compliance and non-compliance from a documentation side.
By adding the complaint management module, a customer can proactively identify the data components of documents, such as location, who has access, is data held in compliance with rules, masking requirements of data, and many more. Combining the power of the Alfresco platform with it process engine offers a strong proposition to any organization to turn a challenge into a great business opportunity in numerous ways.
GDPR is challenging organizations on many fronts. While the policy and process definitions will be set up by in-house or external experts, our compliant modules will automate large parts of the compliance process, thereby simplifying the entire activity significantly.


➔ Simplicity approaching a complex area
➔ Reducing risks
➔ Adjust to changes in a speedy manner
➔ Permanent auditable documents/users
➔ Reducing cost base
➔ Becoming a proactive organisation
➔ Produce higher quality of data as a side effect


Define company required GDPR policies on Directive is implemented
Apply Compliant Monitoring module to perform gap analysis against policies defined
Run Compliant Management module to perform and/or highlight data relevant activities, such as identifying data location, data consent, masking of data.

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