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Every person has different requirements.


Also on devices for air purification. In order to get you to your goal more quickly, we have made a preselection here so that you can reach your goal more quickly and not have to read through the entire website only to realize that there is nothing for you. 

  • Indoor air quality: Is good indoor air important to you? 

  • Would you like to be able to breathe deeply and feel comfortable because the virus and bacterial load in the room is reduced?

  • Do you have windows that cannot be opened and therefore the air is stuffy? 

  • Do you have family or employees who are often sick and are bothered by viruses, dust and odors from the environment or from old walls? Are there allergy sufferers in the house who need cleaner air? 


…..If you answer “YES” to any of these questions, we have the right device for you.

Ecology and economic efficiency

 Is an elementary topic for us.
The ionization of the air releases oxygen molecules.

This means that significantly less fresh air has to be used when heating or cooling buildings.

Thanks to less fresh air, energy consumption drops significantly. Save 30 - 70% of the energy used and running costs.

With plasma devices you don't need any maintenance or filter changes. This brings you savings that are higher than the purchase costs of conventional air purification devices.

Your investments will pay for themselves within 2-5 years. 


Every kilowatt counts!

Cold plasma air purifier EL@ION

With EL@ION, the air is disinfected using cold plasma air purifier technology, which can reduce viruses and bacteria by up to 99.5%.

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