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Dialogue Genie

Create meaningful and compliant Omnichannel experiences for your customers.

Dialog Genie is a software-based document generation solution based on DocOrigin™. While the core application has reached a significant maturity in the last ten years, it has been enhanced with state-of-the-art attributes and functions.  The first-class reliability in combination with the unrivalled speed with high production quantities offers the customers a substantial increase in value.

By simplifying the use of data from third-party applications, Dialogue Genie has the embedded natural ability to work seamlessly with internal/own or external/purchased applications. Integration without modification is the main approach.

Dialog Genie enables companies to reach their customers and people in new and effective ways. For example, you can automate your bank statement creation process, embed embedded charts or graphs, and send them to your customers through multiple channels.

Or create documents as HTML pages that can be viewed with any browser. Another way is to create "fillable" documents that allow your customers to effectively return information to you.


Design is a Windows application that creates the document templates used by Merge (forms, fillable forms, checks, labels, reports). Design provides an easy-to-use GUI interface, a quick and easy PDF or HTML preview, and all the necessary tools to create perfect document templates. A single Dialogue Genie template can be used to create print output on the most popular desktop and production printers, as well as electronic presentations in HTML, HTML Fillable, PDF, PDF/UA, PDF/A/A-3, PCL and PS.

DocGen Genie is the central document output machine within the Dialog Genie product. It combines document templates with data streams to create high-quality output documents for printers, PDF or HTML. DocGen Genie is an enterprise software with the reliability, performance and features that meet the needs of even the largest companies in the world.

FolderMonitor is located between your applications and the printing or output processes. This user-friendly component actively monitors one or more folders for incoming jobs. Dialog Genie FolderMonitor provides full scripting capability for data processing and an interface to DocGen Genie, email or any other application of your choice.

FilterEditor is a design tool that allows you to visually map older output streams to DocGen Genie. With this Windows application, you can quickly identify data elements within a data stream and transform them into an XML data stream suitable for merging.

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