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We digitize the audit of tomorrow

Intelligent analysis

Analyze, visualize and check mountains of financial data automatically and without programming knowledge! Algorithms enable deeper and more efficient audits.


100% instead of 10%.

Analyze and identify transactions with the highest risk of significant misstatements. Up to 100% of all transactions and accounts are analyzed, not about 10% as in traditional auditing.

cost reduction

Audit procedures can be performed up to 3x faster with the available algorithms. The costs of a revision are thus significantly reduced!


Robot controlled process automation (RPA) tests up to 100% of all transactions. Testing and documentation are carried out in accordance with the applicable testing standards (ISA, PS, OR, HGB).


Talk to us about cost savings in auditing and controlling / ICS

Expense Auditor The Software for Expenses and Invoices

Expense Auditor checks 100% of all invoices in a few minutes!

Invoices and expenses are aligned with journals and internal policies. Amounts, names, dates and texts are automatically recognized to make work easier. We also check whether the accounting regulations are adhered to.


Expense Auditor can read multiple languages and provides the flexibility to audit invoices and receipts of any type.

Compatible with your accounting system

Expense Auditor is very easy to implement and works with many accounting software systems (Abacus, Bexio, NAV, Sage, SAP and more).

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