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Intercompany Hub

Eliminate the biggest bottlenecks and highest risks of fast, accurate and global financial closing with an integrated intercompany financial reporting process. With the Intercompany Hub, business units can approve, revise and reconcile intercompany transactions and multi-currency and multi-regional financial statements in real time. Centralize the end-to-end management of intercompany accounting and streamline processes, reduce risk, and provide global visibility.

Close process management

Close process management

With reporting deadlines becoming tighter and the relentless demand for higher quality information, accounting and finance teams are constantly striving to improve operational efficiency and support the company's strategic direction. Meeting these rising expectations and often competing priorities requires a difficult balancing act that requires greater agility from the finance team to support evolving business needs despite increasing resource constraints.

Accounting process automation

With increasing market and customer demands, regulatory complexity and internal expectations, accounting and finance departments are under constant pressure to develop new strategies that reduce back-office costs and increase efficiency. However, with transaction volumes growing exponentially, it is neither effective nor sustainable to simply address the problem by providing additional resources. And while staff are sinking into simple, low-value tasks, commitment is declining at a time when analysis and increased productivity are more important than ever.

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