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The all-in-one ESG software and method for your sustainable corporate development, specially developed for SMEs.


The challenges of today's business world require companies not only to identify their sustainability issues but also to communicate concrete measures transparently. BeGaMo® Sustainability revolutionises this process with an innovative concept that goes far beyond conventional sustainability software. Our holistic approach covers all aspects of sustainability and is actively supported by experts.


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The holistic solution for sustainable management

Innovative approaches to overcoming comprehensive challenges:

BeGaMo Sustainability is the central point of contact for sound information, practical solutions and individual advice on the challenges of sustainable corporate management. Our team of experts and partners will support you on your path to sustainability

Become independent and your own sustainability expert through BeGaMo for Sustainability

Your path to sustainability starts here
The basis for transparent reporting is the traceable and validatable collection of data from different sources.

BeGaMo Sutstainability transforms quantitative knowledge into high-quality data in order to automatically generate comprehensive analyses down to the level of sustainability.

BeGaMo Sustainability not only offers tools for sustainability analyses, measures and reporting according to various standards. We create a holistic ecosystem through a partner network that actively supports the implementation of sustainability reporting.

All-in-one: 14 sustainability standards and modules, efficient reporting, maximum automation and scalable processes.

Benefit on your way to becoming a sustainability expert


  • Self-Assessment    

  • Strategie-Entwicklung

  • Stakeholder-Analyse

  • Doppelte Wesentlichkeitsanalyse
  • Validierter Treibhausgasbericht

  • Risikomanagement in der Lieferkette

  • Automatisierter Berichterstattung


Support from BeGaMo partners

As much as necessary as little as possible*

As a certified partner, we at DWL Treuhand AG support you in using the BeGaMo® Sustainability System.

We also help you to enter the right information with the automated queries and are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

You can then create analyses and reports at the touch of a button and use them to define your individual goals, strategies and measures to increase sustainability in your company - we and our other partners will be happy to help you with this.

Thanks to our partner network, your contacts for queries are considerably extended, which enables rapid implementation in your company. This network guarantees better accessibility and quick answers to your questions.

Make sustainability an integral part of your company. Our experience shows that major cost savings can be achieved with sustainability measures.

Simplify your sustainability strategy with BeGaMo® Sustainability and create a sustainable future for your company!

* We want you to work independently as quickly as possible, but a little expert input won't hurt either.

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