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PDF-to-Excel Conversion

One of the most tedious tasks facing companies in any industry is the existence of data stored in PDF, text, or other report specific formats.

PDF extractions, which have been available for several years, simplify the PDF-to-Excel conversion process for all users.

In many cases, data users must manually type data from static reports into an Excel spreadsheet for hours (which can be very error-prone). They should be able to start analyzing, synchronizing, or using the data. One option is to copy and paste areas from the original document into the Excel spreadsheet.

Once this transposition is complete, users need to find a way to combine this information with other important data sets, often using LOOKUPs.

This process can take hours, days or even weeks. Ultimately, these processes are not easily repeatable and tend to be time-consuming due to special characters or alignment problems, making data transfer even more difficult.


Extract data from unstructured files

Save time and money by converting unstructured data directly into an editable form.

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